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Medical Waste Services' Core Values are the fundamental beliefs that drive every person in our organization. These guiding principles dictate our behavior and our understanding of the differences between right and wrong.  These values also help our leadership as an unwavering guide to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals .


Integrity is the foundation for everything we do at Medical Waste Services. We are admired and respected for our commitment to honesty, trust, and transparency. We do the right thing — even when no one is watching.

Caring for our Communities

"MWS CARE PORTAL" is our corporate social responsibility platform. Our purpose of care defines our practice of responsibility. By building strong communities and fostering sustainable practices, we’re working to create an environment in which people thrive. As the Medical Waste Services' footprint expands to meet the needs of our clients, we have the opportunity — and the responsibility — to grow with purpose and to protect our environment for generations to come.

Servant Leadership

The leadership at Medical Waste Services operates on the guiding principle that "every leader is a servant first".  This philosophy and set of practices enriches the lives of every MWS employee, thus promotes growth and the desire to perform and achieve.  The result is they have more capability to accomplish.  Therefore, they're really serving in return.  It becomes a cycle of positive service and performance, which is why MWS continually sets the standard in "Customer Service"


Innovation is bigger than a product or a technological platform.  Very simply put, innovation is about staying relevant. We are in a time of unprecedented change. As a result, what may have helped our organization be successful in the past could potentially be the cause of it's failure in the future. That is why we continuously adapt and evolve to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. Thus turning our clients' needs into a solution that adds value from their perspective....not ours.


It’s not just the best policy. It’s a core business practice at Medical Waste Services.  If you have a reputation of being honest, you are also known to possess a high level of integrity and transparency as well.  We have also learned that to be honest means you take pride in the work you do,  as well as believe in the service you provide. 


Miriam-Webster’s dictionary defines Dependability “able to be trusted to do or provide what is needed: able to be depended upon.”  In our business, it is dependability that determines whether our clients stay our clients. That's why, when a MWS employee makes a commitment to do something they do it.....Not because they have to, but because they want to.


Being passionate is what gives Medical Waste Services our powerful edge. We use this passion to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Passion means that we dedicate more time and energy to our work, our industry expertise, and yes, our personal lives, than your competition. That translates to learning and doing more than your less-passionate rivals and ensuring that our clients always come out on top. 

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