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Funeral Home and Crematory Medical Waste Disposal
and Compliance Solutions

Medical Waste Services, LLC enables funeral homes and crematoriums to maintain regulatory compliance by providing regulated medical waste management and compliance solutions that protect people and brands, promote health and well-being, and safeguard the environment.

Funeral homes and crematories require balancing multiple priorities, from supporting families in the community with planning and preparation of funeral arrangements, to managing a safe and compliant environment for the well-being of employees. 


We appreciate how important your role is in providing comfort and support to families through challenging times, whether you are a funeral director, a mortician, or a crematorium operator. We also understand the effort it takes to handle the different types of regulated waste, while running an environment where your employees and facility are up-to-date with OSHA regulatory requirements.

We customize solutions for your needs, whether you are a locally owned and operated funeral home or a funeral home with multiple locations across the U.S. Furthermore, we also offer you the convenience to safely dispose of your regulated medical waste as you support the families in your community and care for the safety of your employees.

Our Recommendations for Funeral Homes

Medical Waste Removal

ECO-GUARD Sharps Recovery Program

Expired Pharmaceutical Destruction

ECO-SHRED Secured Document Destruction

OSHA Compliance Training

Additional Recommendation

Bundle medical waste removal and document destruction.:

  • By combining both services in one pick-up, your facility would save approx. 30% in service costs.

  • Fewer pickups means lesser carbon emissions into our environment.

  • One invoice with detailed billing

  • One singular vender


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